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City Facts

I recently concluded an extensive Sarah Blasko tour. We played all around Australia and then Singapore and then Europe. 10 weeks on the road playing almost every night. I decided to find a fact about each town I played in. Here they are:


Night 1 of @sarahblasko tour. Albury. Did you know Albury averages the same number of sunny days as the Gold Coast, but without the humidity?


Night 2 – Castlemaine. According to the 2008 census Castlemaine has the highest number of left-handed people per capita in Australia.


Night 3 @sarahblasko tour. Melbourne. Did you know Melbourne was originally called ‘Batmania’? Seriously, how cool is that?


Night 4 @sarahblasko tour – Meeniyan, VIC. Meeniyan is derived from a local Aboriginal word meaning ‘moon behind the trees over the water’. Pretty words.


Night 5 @sarahblasko tour – Cairns. In 2003 topless sunbathing was permitted in the city lagoon area by the mayor. He was soon after re-elected.


Night 6 @sarahblasko tour – Townsville. In 1922 A large crowd of people gathered to watch the lumination of Townsville’s first electric street light. It didn’t work the first night so they all came back the next night to see it light up. I would loved to have been there on the first night. What a let down that must have been. ‘booooooo electricity sucks.. boooooooo!!’


Night 7 @sarahblasko tour – Mackay is nicknamed “The Sweet Heart of Australia” as it produces more than a third of Australia’s sugar cane. That chocolate you’re eating prob has a bit of Mackay in it.


Night 8 @sarahblasko tour – Rockhampton experiences over 300 days of sunshine each year and is the ‘Beef Capital of Australia’. This is made evident by the SIX statues of bulls around town. For 20 years vandals have been “cutting the balls off the Rockhampton bulls”. FACT.


Show 9 @sarahblasko tour – Bundaberg is the town the 1989 film The Delinquents starring Kylie Minogue was set.http://l.pr/a46r9z some rules were meant to be broken indeed!!!


Show 10 @sarahblasko tour – Nambour. In 1924 there was a big fire in the main street of Nambour. In 1929 there was a big fire in the main street of Nambour. In 1948 there was a big fire in the main street of Nambour. In 1986 there was a big fire in the main street of Nambour.


Show 11 SB tour – Brisbane. In 1900 the Board of Health offered a bounty on dead rats of £2 per dozen. Rat catching was big business!


Show 12 Sarah Blasko tour – the Gold Coast has 260km of navigable waterways (that’s NINE times more than Venice). I LOVE this fact! So funny for so many reasons.


Show 13 @sarahblasko tour – Byron Bay. In 1930, the first of many Byron Bay meat works opened. The smell from the meat and dairy works was so bad it was a deterrent to visitors. In the early 1900’s Byron was known as ‘the stink bay’.


Show 14 Sarah Blasko tour – Byron Bay (again). From 1888-1948 there was a huge 1350 foot jetty on the main beach in Byron. There were two ships wrecked near the jetty that are still easily accessible by snorkeling. The Wollongbar (sunk1921) and the Tassie II (sunk1944).


Show 15 SB tour – Tamworth is known as the “Country Music Capital of Australia” it’s also known as “National Equine Capital of Australia”. It’s also known as the “First City of Lights” as it was the first city in the southern hemisphere to utilise electric street lights. It’s also known as “Tamworth”.


Show 16 Sarah Blasko tour – Port Macquarie was founded as a penal settlement in 1821 where one-armed, one-legged, blind, deaf or disabled repeat offender convicts were sent. It lovely here, more like a resort. If I was a one-armed/deaf/blind convict I would def repeat offend!


Show 17 Sarah Blasko tour – Newcastle’s Fanny Nightclub was voted as ‘The Easiest Place to Pick Up in Australia’ in Ralph Magazine in 2005. 

Ralph Magazine – The Best Info All The Time!

I wonder who won that prestigious award in 2006?


Show 18 @sarahblasko tour – Sydney. Convicts were not sent to Sydney for serious crimes such as murder, rape, impersonating an Egyptian, or wearing white sneakers with blue jeans. These crimes were given the death penalty in England.


Show 19 Sarah Blasko tour – Canberra. Other names suggested for the capital were: Olympus, Paradise, Captain Cook, Shakespeare, Kangaremu, Eucalypta, Myola and my favourite: Sydmeladperho. Get it? SYD MEL AD PER HO. Where’s Brissy??!!!


Show 20 Sarah Blasko – Canberra (again)… Did you know that… ummmm Canberra is really hard to do 2 facts for.. PORN AND FIREWORKS!!!!


Show 21 @sarahblasko tour – Adelaide. There is A LOT of ‘legal high’ shops here selling all sorts of stuff to attain a ‘legal high’. Did you know the sale of illegal cannabis constitutes 1% of Australia’s GDP and is twice the size of the Australian wine industry?


Show 22 @sarahblasko tour – Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world. I love this fact. Isolationtastic!!


Show 23 SB tour – Perth. The worlds longest power dinghy race the Blackwood Classic 250 Power dinghy Race, is held in Western Australia. 



Show 24 @sarahblasko tour – Perth. In 1838 it was declared illegal to swim at public beaches during the day. This was enforced until 1902.


Show 25 @sarahblasko tour – Singapore. In 1970 Led Zeppelin were booked to play a show here. When they arrived they were stopped at immigration and told to get haircuts and ‘clean up’ or they would not be able to enter the country. They turned around and went home.


Show 26 @sarahblasko tour – Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes in the city but only 700,000 Amsterdammers live here. Amsterdamians?


Show 27 @sarahblasko tour – Hamburg is the 2nd biggest city in Germany with 1.8 million residents. Yet the city has no skyscrapers. Buildings can only be a maximum of 4 stories high. The only skyscrapers are huge cathedrals.


Show 28 @sarahblasko tour – Berlin. In Berlin it’s legal to be naked in public. Fact.


Show 29 @sarahblasko tour – Antwerp. Belgium produces approximately 220,000 tons of chocolate and 550,000 litres of beer each year. My two favourite things.


Show 30 Blasko tour – Southampton. On 10th April 1912 the Titanic set sail from this port in the UK. 

Destination: New York.

Spoiler: it didn’t make it.


Show 31 @sarahblasko tour – London. In 1665 London lost 100,000 souls (20% of the pop.) to the plague. The next year in 1666 The Great Fire left 100,000 homeless, burning down 13,155 buildings (80% of the city!!). Bad couple of years.


Show 32 blasko tour – Glasgow is ranked as the 57th most livable city in the world. Says quite a lot really.


Show 33 blasko tour – Leeds. In Oct 1880 Louis le Prince recorded the very first moving images here with his invention: the movie camera.


Show 34 Sarah Blasko tour – Manchester. “The thing about Manchester is it all comes from here” Noel Gallagher, pointing to his heart. 

“Manchester has so much to answer for.” Morrissey

‎”Manchester’s got everything except a beach.” lan Brown


Show 35 Blasko tour – Birmingham. George Cadbury began making chocolate in Birmingham in 1824. At that time chocolate was considered an aphrodisiac and therefore not suitable for a lady’s diet.


Show 36 Sarah Blasko tour – Cardiff. Spillers Records in Cardiff is the oldest record shop in the world, founded in 1894. http://is.gd/hEkTM


Show 37 Blasko tour – Brighton has become known as the least religious places in the UK, based upon analysis of the 2001 census. In the census 2.6% of Brighton’s pop. claim their religion is Jedi Knight. I LOVE that you can choose Jedi Knight!!


Show 38 Blasko tour – Bristol was the birthplace of the pirate Edward ‘Blackbeard’ Teach. Bristol and surrounding ports were big pirate hubs in the 18th century. Thousands of ships, legal and illegal, set sail from Bristol headed for the Caribbean to find riches and fame. 

I like pirates.


Show 39 @sarahblasko tour – Caen. William the Conqueror (or William the Bastard, matters whose side your on) is buried here. His grave has twice been dug up by angry mobs. Once during the Wars of Religion & again during the French Revolution. Only one of his bones remain.


Show 40 Sarah Blasko tour – Strasbourg. In July 1518, an incident known as the Dancing Plague of 1518 struck residents of Strasbourg. Around 400 people danced constantly for weeks, most of them eventually dying from heart attack, stroke or exhaustion. Seriously, check this out! http://is.gd/i3oue


Show 41 Blasko tour – Lyon. In Lyon, it is possible to marry a deceased person with the authorisation of the President of the Republic.


Show 42 Sarah Blasko tour – Zürich was neutral in WW2 but was still bombed on several occasions by Allied forces who blamed navigation errors, equipment failure, weather conditions and pilot error. Switzerland was surrounded by Axis countries during most of WW2. 

‘The world is at war while the Swiss watch…’ get it.


Show 43 Sarah Blasko tour – Paris. The Eiffel Tower, erected for the Paris Exhibition of 1889, was only meant to stand for 20 years. As its end neared, designer Gustave Eiffel suggested to the military that it would make a good long-range radio tower so they left it there. It’s lit by over 20,000 light globes and strobes brightly every 5 minutes. 


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